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Lånebeløp: 30000 kr - 150000 kr Tid for å motta: 5 dag Nedbetaling: 1 dag - 10 år Søk om lån

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Selskaps navn TF Bank AB
Adresse Markeveien 1A, 5012 Bergen
Telefonnummer 33 722 35 00
E-post info@tfbank.se
Mandag - Fredag 8:00 - 20:00
Lørdag -
Søndag -
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Overview of Creditsgold

One of the market's best travel insurance and ID theft insurance included in the credit card. Completely free of charge worldwide.

Effective interest rate 21.82%, SEK 25,000 o / 1 year, cost SEK 2,776, a total of SEK 27,776.

Credits Gold gives you advantages in many areas. It has several insurances included, including travel insurance, while it is completely free of charge. You also pay no annual fee.

  • Completely free of charge - no matter where you are in the world;
  • Up to 30% discount with exclusive benefit program;
  • Comprehensive travel and cancellation insurance included;
  • ID theft insurance included in the credit card;
  • Flexible payment;
  • No annual fee;
  • Up to 43 days interest-free deferral of payment;
  • Get up to NOK 100,000 in credit limit;
  • Contactless card.

Up to 30% discount with exclusive benefit program

Comprehensive discount scheme with hundreds of offers and discounts.

With Credits Gold, you get access to one of Norway's most comprehensive discount schemes for free.

Here you get discounts on a wide range of shops, experiences, accommodation, wellness, restaurants and online shopping. The discount scheme is nationwide, but also has local discounts near you.

What does it mean that Credits credit cards are free of charge?

This means that it does not cost you anything extra to have the card or pay for goods and services. If you withdraw money at an ATM, we do not add fees, nor is there an annual fee on the card.

Who can get a credit card?

Each case is individual, so there are many factors that affect who gets a credit card. In essence, these conditions must be met: over 18 years of age, have no payment remarks or debt collection and have a registered address in Norway.

What does up to 43 days interest-free deferral of payment mean?

This means that you can borrow the amount you use without accruing interest for up to 43 days. How long an interest-free period you get depends on when in the invoice period you buy the item. The interest period is calculated as follows: The day in the invoice period you use the amount + number of days until the invoice expires. The due date is fixed on the 12th of each month.

How do I apply for a card?

To apply for a card, you must fill out an application form for either Credits Gold or Credits Blue. Your application is processed continuously, and you will receive an answer shortly. It usually takes no longer than 15 minutes before you receive a response to your application.

Apply now and get your Credits Gold credit card

Credits Gold credit card is a complete card for both holidays and everyday. With Credits, you get a stress-free banking experience with fast processes and good customer service.

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