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Online loan Pilipinas

Without fees 0%
  • 0% up to 25 000 ₱ First loan
  • 1 000 ₱ - 25 000 ₱ Amount
  • 18 - 70 Age
  • 61 day - 4 months Term
0% for first loan
  • 0% up to 10 000 ₱ First loan
  • 1 000 ₱ - 20 000 ₱ Amount
  • 21 - 70 Age
  • 61 day - 90 days Term
0% for 7 days
  • 0% up to 10 000 ₱ First loan
  • 1 000 ₱ - 25 000 ₱ Amount
  • 21 - 70 Age
  • 61 day - 6 months Term
Advantageous conditions
  • 0% up to 10 000 ₱ First loan
  • 1 000 ₱ - 25 000 ₱ Amount
  • 20 - 70 Age
  • 90 days - 1 year Term
0% for your 1st Loan
  • 0% up to 15 000 ₱ First loan
  • 1 000 ₱ - 50 000 ₱ Amount
  • 20 - 70 Age
  • 30 days - 1 year Term
Fast and Easy
  • 0% up to 10 000 ₱ First loan
  • 1 000 ₱ - 25 000 ₱ Amount
  • 20 - 70 Age
  • 90 days - 1 year Term
The first loan for free
  • 0% up to 20 000 ₱ First loan
  • 500 ₱ - 20 000 ₱ Amount
  • 22 - 75 Age
  • 90 days - 6 months Term

How to get a online loan?

How to repay the loan?

If I can't pay back?


Compare available loan companies

Choose the most suitable and advantageous creditor that meets your wishes.


Choose a company and fill out the application

The time to fill out the application form will not exceed 5 minutes.


Sign the contract and get the money

After confirmation, you receive the money in the way you choose - to the account or in cash.

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Online loans - what you need to know

Do you need to borrow money but may not really know where to start? Then you have come to the right place. In order to succeed in taking out a loan as cheaply, safely and securely as possible, it is important to be well-informed and understand what it really means to borrow money. We have therefore gathered all the useful loan information you may need before and during the time you borrow.

Regardless of whether you want to borrow money with direct payment or find a loan with the lowest interest rate, we can help you along the way. If you follow the advice and tips we give here, you will give yourself good conditions for a successful loan.

An online loan is often a faster way to borrow money than through a traditional bank loan. With an online loan, you fill in your application online in just a few minutes, and you usually get an answer the same day. With a bank loan, it can take weeks before the money is in your account. Several online loans offer payment on the same day. The loan process is therefore usually faster, and you have the money in your hand faster. In some cases, this makes the loan more expensive, but often the price of an online loan can compete with the banks' consumer loans and overdraft facilities.

Which is the best loan in the Pilipinas?

The best loan is the loan that best suits you and your needs. This means that the best loan is not the same for everyone. The best loan can be a loan without interest, a loan with direct payment or a loan with good repayment terms.

We have loans for everyone. Compare loans with us and choose the one that matches your needs. Our intention with MyCredy is not to make money on our customers, therefore our services are 100% free and without obligation for you.

Low interest loans

When you take out a loan, you usually have to pay interest and possibly other fees. It is never fun to pay a sky-high interest rate on your loan. Lenders know this and therefore it is easier today to find loans with low interest rates. Sometimes you can also come across loan offers with no interest at all. This is usually aimed at new borrowers.

In general, larger loans such as home loans, car loans and ordinary bank loans have a lower interest rate than quick loans and SMS loans.

To find low interest rate loans, you should compare different lenders. You can do this with the help of a comparison service like MyCredy.

The shorter the term you choose on your loan, the lower the total interest fee because it is in a shorter period that you have to pay interest. However, remember not to choose a shorter term than you can handle. If you are unable to repay your loan on time, expensive late fees can quickly be added.

Loan repayment

When you take out an online loan, you also pay a fee for the loan. Be sure to take that into account when you are going to borrow money online and make sure that you can pay back on time. If you can not do this, the bill will eventually go on to debt collection. In the worst case, you can then get a payment remark. Payment remarks can, among other things, prevent you from taking out new loans.

Borrow or save?

"Save first, then buy" is often said, and for good reason. But how to save on the price of a car or sofa set if even smaller purchases exceed your monthly income. 

It is best to save some of your money first and then borrow the rest. It has two advantages. First, the loan will be smaller. Secondly, if you have been able to save, you will be able to repay the loan later by the appropriate amount. However, it is customary to take consumer credit without accumulating in advance.

Things to consider 

Once all the credit requirements have been clarified and a potential lender has been found, it is time to apply for a loan. If you are applying for a loan at a bank, you can visit the branch in person or fill in the application information electronically on the bank's website. The easiest way to apply for consumer and flexible loans is usually from home on the website of the financial company. Applying for a loan today is very easy, fast and stress-free. You no longer have to stand in queuing offices and sweat in front of a clerk, but the work is done in peace and according to your own schedules, from the comfort of your home.

You should apply for a loan from several different financial companies and choose the most suitable option based on the offers. Don't accept the first offer right away, but take the time to compare. Lenders' interest rates and terms can vary greatly, so you can save your money with patience.

  • Don't take credit without thinking first.
  • Compare different types of loans.
  • Choose the appropriate length of the loan period.

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