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Exchange rate calculator - easily calculate the exchange rate

MyCredy's exchange rate information is updated daily. Currency comparison example: 1 PHP = 0.03x AUD

Australian dollar AUD Australian dollar 1.549605
Bulgarian lev BGN Bulgarian lev 1.956868
Brazilian real BRL Brazilian real 5.545394
Canadian dollar CAD Canadian dollar 1.460551
Swiss franc CHF Swiss franc 0.998315
Chinese yuan CNY Chinese yuan 7.366411
Czech koruna CZK Czech koruna 23.725653
Danish krone DKK Danish krone 7.444158
Pound sterling GBP Pound sterling 0.892678
Hong Kong dollar HKD Hong Kong dollar 8.57775
Croatian kuna HRK Croatian kuna 7.699786
Hungarian forint HUF Hungarian forint 386.511453
Indonesian rupiah IDR Indonesian rupiah 16310.744033
Israeli shekel ILS Israeli shekel 3.720865
Indian rupee INR Indian rupee 89.550799
Icelandic króna ISK Icelandic króna 153.696017
Japanese yen JPY Japanese yen 140.407285
South Korean won KRW South Korean won 1344.800353
Кazakhstani Tenge KZT Кazakhstani Tenge 500.794718
Mexican peso MXN Mexican peso 20.472197
Malaysian ringgit MYR Malaysian ringgit 4.655611
Norwegian krone NOK Norwegian krone 10.976654
New Zealand dollar NZD New Zealand dollar 1.688624
Philippine peso PHP Philippine peso 58.669562
Polish złoty PLN Polish złoty 4.690049
Romanian leu RON Romanian leu 4.9014
Russian ruble RUB Russian ruble 77.137851
Swedish krona SEK Swedish krona 11.331319
Singapore dollar SGD Singapore dollar 1.432659
Thai baht THB Thai baht 36.089118
Turkish lira TRY Turkish lira 20.577596
United States Dollar USD United States Dollar 1.093378
South African rand ZAR South African rand 18.746631

Exchange rate calculator in the Philippines

The MyCredy currency converter reflects information obtained from the reference rates of the European Central Bank. It is intended for people over the age of 18 and is completely free to use.

What is a currency and currency exchange calculator?

In the economy, currency is the universal medium for the exchange of goods and services. Throughout history, the currency has taken many forms, such as barley, gold and silver. Today's currency is much more regulated because it is physically made in the form of paper banknotes or coins. The value of currencies is guaranteed by the promise of the governments. Although physical currencies (banknotes, coins) are often used on a daily basis, most large-scale foreign exchange transactions are conducted electronically. Today's technology currency exchange systems to exchange currency between digital accounts.

Why use a currency converter?

Nowadays, currency conversion is not only relevant for people who are international investors or active travelers, but also, for example, for people who keep in touch with relatives / friends abroad.

The currency conversion fee may cost more than expected if you do not pay close attention to it. Therefore, to make your daily life easier, we offer you to use a free currency calculator to save time and money!

With the currency calculator, you can find out how much a specific amount will be in another currency, for example, 100 peso is 1.72 euro (the specific example is informative)

Use MyCredy's exchange rate calculator to calculate how much you can save and forget about unfavorable exchange rates and hidden commissions!

What affects exchange rates?

Note that exchange rates are constantly changing, so you should keep track of the information provided in the exchange rate calculator. Their fluctuations are influenced by many factors, such as monetary policy, market developments, macroeconomic data or the supply and demand of a particular currency. The most common factors influencing exchange rates are interest rate differentials, inflation, politics and economic indicators.

Information for MyCredy users:

  • As it is difficult to predict the most favorable time for the changeover, it is useful to follow the trends and changes in the foreign exchange market.
  • Exchange rates are informative.
  • Exchange rates are updated daily and are subject to change during the day.
  • MyCredy does not offer a "currency exchange" service.
  • The calculations use the non-cash exchange rate, so please note that cash transactions may differ from the currencies listed!

Compare exchange rates anytime, anywhere with the MyCredy currency calculator!

Make an exchange rate comparison at MyCredy! The currency calculator will help you to find out the current exchange rate.