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Cash loans in an hour Philippines

Without fees 0%
  • 0% up to 25 000 ₱ First loan
  • 1 000 ₱ - 25 000 ₱ Amount
  • 18 - 70 Age
  • 61 day - 4 months Term
0% for first loan
  • 0% up to 10 000 ₱ First loan
  • 1 000 ₱ - 20 000 ₱ Amount
  • 21 - 70 Age
  • 61 day - 90 days Term
0% for 7 days
  • 0% up to 10 000 ₱ First loan
  • 1 000 ₱ - 25 000 ₱ Amount
  • 21 - 70 Age
  • 61 day - 6 months Term
The first loan for free
  • 0% up to 20 000 ₱ First loan
  • 500 ₱ - 20 000 ₱ Amount
  • 22 - 75 Age
  • 90 days - 6 months Term

How to get a online loan?

How to repay the loan?

If I can't pay back?


Compare available loan companies

Choose the most suitable and advantageous creditor that meets your wishes.


Choose a company and fill out the application

The time to fill out the application form will not exceed 5 minutes.


Sign the contract and get the money

After confirmation, you receive the money in the way you choose - to the account or in cash.

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Cash loans in the Philippines

A cash loan is a great solution if you need money urgently. Cash loans nowadays can be obtained completely remotely through the internet. A cash loan generally does not require guarantors or pledges, and can be processed with minimal formalities.

On MyCredy you can find the best cash loan offers that suit your needs, because we keep up with customer needs and constantly improve our services.

Cash loans have many advantages, but it should be noted that the amounts of money in these loans may not be as large as if you were borrowing from banks.

Are cash loans legit? Lending companies that legally operate online and cater to Filipinos are required to be registered under DTI. They usually have a physical office set up within the Philippines and can be easily tracked.

What do you need to know before signing a loan agreement?

The terms of the contract must be clear and understandable to the customer. If you see a contract with ambiguous or vague terms, it indicates a dishonest lender and it is better not to borrow money from such a lender.

What needs increased attention in the contract?

  • the amount of the monthly payments and the payment schedule,
  • loan repayment terms,
  • annual% rate.

Always evaluate the amount of the loan carefully - do not borrow an amount of money that you will not be able to repay!
Read all the conditions before signing a contract!

Want to increase your chances of getting a loan confirmation?

Nowadays, getting a loan is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Nowadays, you can get a loan in less than an hour even if you have a damaged credit history - in such cases, it is important for lenders to find out the amount of your income and the regularity of receiving it.
However, if you want to be absolutely sure that you will get a loan, there are several ways you can increase your chances of getting your application approved:

  • carefully fill in the application form, indicating all the information;
  • Provide workplace contact information so the lender can easily verify your income.
  • don't lie to the lender with incorrect information!

Sending applications to several different lenders is also a way to increase the chances of an application being approved. Just fill out the questionnaires on the various lenders' websites and wait for answers. The more applications you submit, the more likely you are to be approved. If several organizations make positive decisions at the same time, then you can choose the most advantageous one from their proposals.

Are credit and loan the same?

Nowadays, each of us has heard the phrases loan and credit, but many people do not know the difference between the two. The difference between the two concepts is defined by law, but more simply, credit is only a financial debt, but a loan can also be a material debt.

Can I withdraw from the contract and return the money I received?

If you have changed your mind and the loan is not needed, you have the opportunity to repay the loan within 14 days and repay the full loan amount and accrued interest for a specific loan period.

Please note that the information can change at any time, so more detailed information can be obtained from the lender!

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