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Privacy terms

Website www.mycredy.com/ph - referred to simply as the "Site" in the rest of the text.

MyCredy Visitor - a person who visits www.mycredy.com.

Private information is very important, so any information disclosed will remain undisclosed and confidential and will not be used in any way to harm MyCredy Visitor.

MyCredy visitor have the right to unrestricted access to MyCredy information when entering data, as well as the right to request assistance if a MyCredy visitor cannot find specific information on the website.

The site uses data security with an SSL certificate. SSL provides encrypted information when data is sent from a website to a client device and cannot be read if the information is intercepted.

Client information - email, date, time, ID number, amount selected, IP address, device, operating system, access link, Google AdWords GCLID and browser version are used to understand the visitor's internal habits. This data is stored for 2 years and 2 months on DigitalOcean.com. 

If you wish, there is an option to delete this data. You just need to contact us by writing an email to: info@mycredy.com. The processing of data while your consent was valid will not be affected if you withdraw your consent.

By visiting MyCredy, you agree to the use of privacy, email policies, and cookies. It is considered that the MyCredy Visitor has read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

If you have a claim against the Terms and Conditions and the content is unacceptable, stop using the Site (copyright reference).