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Description of cookies

To fully understand the meaning of cookies and to understand why they are used on our website, MyCredy recommends that you read the following information.

Cookie is randomly encoded file that MyCredy website sends and stores on a visitor's computer, phone or other device that the visitor uses to review the website. Each cookie has a unique identification number and usually includes the name of the website, time, date, and other standard information. The sending of cookies does not mean that your information will be identified or your personal data will be disclosed, cookies cannot identify the visitor in any way and the user's personal information will not be disclosed.

Cookies improve your experience on the website and are used to help the site be more user-friendly. Cookies help understand a user's habits and preferences in order to show them, for example, the ads they are interested in. Saved cookies allow the customer to avoid re-entering data when re-visiting a website or section of a website. 

The user of the service can change the settings related to cookies at any time. Cookies can be easily changed and automatic cookie processing can be turned off.

Cookie options:

  • Cookies are saved in your web browser and are also temporarily stored on your device, but your device automatically deletes them after a certain time.
  • Cookies are stored in the user's web browser and files are also stored on the user's device until the user deletes them manually.
  • All cookie files from servers adjust to user habits and needs. These files help evaluate the effectiveness of ads, and can be used to determine the average number of users who visit advertiser's site. Cookies can also send information to a third party. For example, Google Analytics, Google AdWords. If you want more information about the use of cookies, you should contact third parties.

Learn more about how you can opt out of Google advert settings, Google’s used cookie files or opt out of third-party service provider used cookie files, opting out of network advertising initiative.

You can easily accept or decline the use of cookies: I agree / disagree with the use of cookies.

We would like to remind you that the cookies we use can't affect your computer, phone or tablet in any way. If you want to fully enjoy the content of the website and get personalized access, we suggest that you accept the use of cookies.