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Asnef ¿Qué es y cómo funciona?

After the acronym ASNEF is the National Association of Credit Financial Establishments. In other words, it is one of the largest records of defaulters in Spain. 

The ASNEF is a database that banks consult on a regular basis, as part of the study of the client's profile when lending money or offering to hire, for example, credit cards. Although it is not the only file of these characteristics –the RAI or Registry of Unpaid Acceptances is another-, it is one of the most relevant and serves as a decision-making tool for most of the country's banks.

To be included in Financial Credit Institutions, you do not have to be an insolvent, bad payer or large defaulter. It is enough not to pay a mobile bill or a request for payment of one euro, as there is no minimum limit and with which the company that intends to collect reports the case to ASNEF or EQUIFAX, reporting the details of the defaulter. In any case, it does have to be an official debt.

Life becomes a bit more difficult, even to buy appliances on installment or sign a supply contract. Appearing as delinquent will make you have to give more explanations or other types of operations go bad. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that most people want to be out as soon as possible.

Does this mean that you cannot get a quick loan if you are in Financial Credit Institutions?

The truth is that you are going to have it much more complicated so, if you can get out of the file, all the better.

How to get off the list of defaulters of Financial Credit Institutions? Good news is that the inclusion in the ASNEF file is not permanent. The time limit in which you can be included is 6 years from the last debt that caused you to be included. After this time, there is an obligation to cancel your job even if you do not pay.

Now, it is possible to exit the file at the request of the party. If you pay your debt, you can ask the company to cancel you because the reason that led to your inclusion will disappear. ASNEF has the obligation to eliminate this inclusion within a maximum period of one month. Otherwise, you can use the legal route if you wish.

Finally, there is a contentious avenue in case you are included for no reason. You can go to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) and claim that they remove you from the list. Of course, you have to be able to show that there is no reason for you to figure.

How to get off the list of defaulters of Financial Credit Institutions?

To find out if any company has really put you on this black list, you can contact them directly by phone, by email provided on their website or at their central office in Madrid.

Now that you are clear about what ASNEF is and the practical consequences, you will understand that it is best not to be on that list. If you are looking for quick financing, at MyCredy we can help you.

funcionamiento y explicación de asnef. asociación nacional de establecimientos financieros.