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Lainamäärä: 1000 € - 50000 € Aika saada lainaa: 1 päivä Laina-aika: 36 kuukautta - 15 vuotta Hae nyt

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Yrityksen nimi Komplett Bank ASA
Osoite PL 7640, 00002 Helsinki
Puhelin 094 245 2288
Maanantai - Perjantai 10:00 - 15:00
Lauantai -
Sunnuntai -
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Introducing the Komplett Bank

Who we are

Komplett Bank is a Norwegian bank that offers consumer credit and refinancing services without collateral and on favorable terms. Komplett Bank was established in 2014 under a license from the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority.

What we do

After a successful start in Norway, Komplett Bank expanded its operations to Finland and Sweden. Komplett Bank's brand has established its recognition in the loan, savings and consumer credit markets by launching Flexible Credit in 2017 and a credit card in 2019 in Finland. In Sweden, Komplett Bank launched Flexible Credit and Online Services Payment Solutions 2018, the latest addition to the credit card 2019 and the savings family in 2020. Komplett Bank cooperates with the Komplett Group, which is behind the leading Nordic online stores, for which Komplett Bank offers e-commerce payment solutions. At the end of 2018, Komplett Bank had more than 1.6 million customers.


Taking out a loan can be easy, simple and fast - with Komplett Bank it is also flexible:

  • Komplett Bank has introduced a new type of loan to the Finnish market, which does not have a fixed monthly installment, but you are free to decide at what pace you will repay the loan. This offers our customers flexibility in the economy in a whole new way and offers opportunities to plan finances and procurement without committing to the strict terms required by traditional loans.

  • All you have to do is pay the monthly interest and expenses. In addition to being the most flexible loan on the market, Komplett Bank's loan is also easy, safe and fast to apply for.

  • After filling in the loan application, you will receive a loan decision immediately.

Loans flexibly for different life situations:

  • The loan is applied for online and we have made the application process easy and fast. We offer solutions for a wide range of life situations and do our best to ensure that your user experience is easy, safe and reliable, and always available.

  • Within the loan limit granted to you, you can withdraw and repay the loan as you wish. You can also repay the part of the loan you paid again. That way, you have money at your disposal all the time when you need it. Maybe a kitchen renovation will cost you more money than you planned? Then it is good to know that you can withdraw more Flexible Credit by the amount you have already repaid and continue the renovation without unnecessary delays.

KomplettBank loan types and solutions

  • Flexible loans
  • Consumer credit
  • Loan without collateral
  • Borrow for many needs
  • Car loan
  • Loans

Credit card

  • Credit Card Now - Apply and sign a contract online
  • Mastercard credit card from Komplett Bank
  • The Komplett Bank Mastercard is now available in your digital wallet!

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