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Details about cookies

For a positive customer experience and continuous improvement of the website, the website uses cookies. Cookies are data that a server on our website creates and sends to a user's device (computer, phone or tablet). Cookies have a special unique number that identifies the user and each cookie contains information about the website. Cookies allow web servers to store status information. For example, once you enter your contact information (email, phone number, etc.) you don't have to enter it again manually. 

Cookies are needed to make the use of the website as easy as possible and for you to have only a positive experience using the website. 

Information about cookies and their use:

  • Cookies are stored in user’s web browser; files are saved in the user’s device until the moment they are deleted by the user manually.
  • Cookies are stored in user’s web browser, files are temporarily stored on your device, and the device automatically deletes them after a certain time.
  • Cookie advert files from advert servers, their business and service providers adapt to the user, their preferences and habits. These files help to evaluate the effectiveness of adverts, such as possibly acknowledging how many people click on a specific advert and visit the advertiser’s site. These cookies collect information and send it to the third parties. An example of this is Google AdWords, Google Analytics. To receive more information about the usage of cookies, visit the third-party sites.

If the customer does not want to use cookies, they may not be accepted. If the customer has accepted the cookies and after a while realizes that they do not want to use them, then it is possible to disable or block them.

You can simply select and click on the required option: I agree / disagree with the use of cookies.

Information on how visitors can opt out of network advertising initiative, Google’s used cookie files, Google advert settings or opt out of third-party service provider used cookie files.

Every client is important to Mycredy, so we remind you that the use of cookies does not affect the operation of your device in any way, nor is your information used without your knowledge!