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Currency conversion calculator - easy to check the exchange rate ratio

Get the latest information on exchange rates. Example of currency comparison: 1 ZAR= 0.09x AUD

Australian dollar AUD Australian dollar 1.640339
Bulgarian lev BGN Bulgarian lev 1.957885
Brazilian real BRL Brazilian real 5.385957
Canadian dollar CAD Canadian dollar 1.457423
Swiss franc CHF Swiss franc 0.968378
Chinese yuan CNY Chinese yuan 7.593778
Czech koruna CZK Czech koruna 23.704023
Danish krone DKK Danish krone 7.44825
Pound sterling GBP Pound sterling 0.863621
Hong Kong dollar HKD Hong Kong dollar 8.404508
Croatian kuna HRK Croatian kuna 7.451329
Hungarian forint HUF Hungarian forint 370.094243
Indonesian rupiah IDR Indonesian rupiah 16074.886589
Israeli shekel ILS Israeli shekel 3.979162
Indian rupee INR Indian rupee 88.721095
Icelandic króna ISK Icelandic króna 149.308662
Japanese yen JPY Japanese yen 150.401369
South Korean won KRW South Korean won 1415.789945
Kazakhstani Tenge KZT Kazakhstani Tenge 477.918217
Mexican peso MXN Mexican peso 18.853525
Malaysian ringgit MYR Malaysian ringgit 4.93744
Norwegian krone NOK Norwegian krone 11.900845
New Zealand dollar NZD New Zealand dollar 1.773107
Philippine peso PHP Philippine peso 60.447816
Polish złoty PLN Polish złoty 4.52169
Romanian leu RON Romanian leu 4.965558
Russian ruble RUB Russian ruble 86.680233
Swedish krona SEK Swedish krona 11.636987
Singapore dollar SGD Singapore dollar 1.450207
Thai baht THB Thai baht 37.292914
Turkish lira TRY Turkish lira 21.883344
United States Dollar USD United States Dollar 1.073008
South African rand ZAR South African rand 21.21497

Currency conversion calculator in South Africa

Online currency calculator is a valuable tool if you want to exchange currencies or make an investment in the currency market. MyCredy currency calculator takes into account many different currencies and is easy to use.

How to use MyCredy currency converter?

In order to use the currency calculator, you just need to specify the currency from which the conversion is made, select the target currency and then indicate the amount you want to exchange. The calculator takes into account not only the most popular currencies, such as the euro , US dollar or pound sterling , but also the less known and popular ones, including the Philippine peso and Indian rupee. After making the conversion, you get clear information about the amount received, the currency pair conversion rate and the value of each currency on that day.

MyCredy currency converter is a way to get a quick answer to the price you will have to pay or get to buy or sell a specific amount of foreign currency. Currency calculator example - 100 Rand are 5.83 Euro.

You do not need to follow the current exchange rates, because the calculator will take into account the appropriate quotations. All transactions can therefore be made without leaving home, and the interested person will gain all the necessary information on the subject. This will allow you to make an informed decision about the transaction. The currency calculator is therefore a great solution not only for travelers, but also for entrepreneurs dealing in import or export of goods.

By entering an amount of money in, for example, pounds, you know at the touch of a button how much this amount is worth in euros or dollars. Because the exchange rate calculator is based on the current rates, you know exactly what the amount you entered is worth in the other currency.

What are the exchange rates today?

Exchange rates fluctuate constantly. What is the price of a currency today depends on a number of factors, including the general state of a country's policy, current market events, monetary policy, and inflation, among others. The multiplicity of factors that influence the rate volatility makes it difficult to predict the ideal moment to make a transaction. In order to overcome them, it is necessary to be patient, follow trends and use proven tools. Regularly checking the price of currencies in an online currency converter you can easily and quickly obtain information on changes in the quotation of a specific currency in a given period.

Many exchange rates between different currencies are floating or flexible; that means that the exchange rates of the currencies can fluctuate from minute to minute due to international trade (export and import). Some exchange rates are set by an agreement between countries and therefore cannot vary. Many countries with weaker economies that are eager to engage in international trade guarantee a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar. Such a link is often difficult to maintain because there can be a large difference in gross national product growth, inflation, interest rates and trade balance.

Important information about currency calculator:

  • The buying and selling rates of currencies presented in the calculator may differ from the price lists in force in exchange offices
  • It is always worth carefully analyzing the price offers of exchange offices, both online and stationary. 
  • It should also be remembered that coins (ie coins) are usually valued lower than banknotes or are not accepted at all.
  • Using the currency calculator allows you to avoid unpleasant situations that may occur both before the trip, e.g. in a stationary exchange office, and during it.
  • The cheaper we buy a foreign currency, the more savings we will achieve. It is better to use the saved funds for vacation.

Convert exchange rates from one currency to another with MyCredy currency calculator!

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