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Privacy terms and conditions

MyCredy website www.mycredy.com/za (mentioned in the text as "Site").

Visitor - an individual who visits www.mycredy.com/za and reads information posted on MyCredy.

The non-disclosure and security of a visitor's personal information is a priority for our company.

Visitors of MyCredy have the right to get complete and detailed information by entering data.

The site uses an SSL certificate. This means that the information is encrypted when it is sent from the website server to the client device, thus ensuring additional data security.

The visitor's email, time, IP address, browser version, device operating system, date, access link, ID number, amount of money selected and Google AdWords GCLID are used to analyze visitor internal trends and habits. This data is stored for 26 months on DigitalOcean.com and then deleted.

It is possible to delete this data at any time convenient for you by writing to: info@mycredy.com. If you withdraw your consent, the processing of data during the period in which your consent was valid will not be affected.

By visiting the Site, the Visitor agrees to usage of Cookies, Privacy and E-mail terms. The Visitor is deemed to have read and accepted all Terms and Conditions.

If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions and the content is unacceptable, Stop using the Site Copyright Notice.